About Us

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibres connect us with others; and along those fibres, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”

-Herman Melville (author Moby Dick)

In a changing world, your businesses and organisations need to get the fundamentals right to respond to change and grow. With Niche Solutions you will be in safe hands on the pathway to success, delivering key business and community relationships.

As Marketing Consultants, Niche Solutions International Pty Ltd approach is one of evolution not revolution, because we understand the fundamentals of connection.

Connection is a process or journey of change toward a goal or destination.  Niche Solutions can help you take the necessary steps on that journey.

Niche Solutions’ team has several decades of experience connecting the fibres to build sustainable organisations and using the fundamentals:

1.      Strategic planning

  • To understand the market place, competitors, and potential customers.

2.      Creative implementation

  • To differentiate organisations, build brand loyalty and bottom line results.

Niche Solutions places people at the centre, connecting them to others, to places, to ideas to things. This includes:

  • business to business relationships,
  • client to community,
  • selling products which enhance the quality of life of the community.

We believe when people connect they realise their full potential and everyone benefits.

With extensive experience across a range of service and product sectors, the Niche Solutions team knows how to use the right marketing mix to deliver bottom line results and build sustainable brands and loyalty - even when times are tough.

Services that you may find of value include:

  • strategy development (market, business and brand positioning),
  • strategy workshop facilitation,
  • research (focus groups and market surveys),
  • developing and analysing the implications and opportunities arising from market surveys,
  • public relations and media planning, development and execution,
  • event initiation and management,
  • branding and design of all communications,
  • preparation of industry awards documentation and presentation,
  • consumer and trade promotions and implementation.

Niche Solutions’ experience includes large international companies, medium to small Australia-wide, and local organisations servicing business and the community.

Niche Solutions International Pty Ltd has been helping businesses and organisations since 1990.

Clients include:

  • associations and business groups
  • property groups
  • eco businesses offering services and products
  • aged care
  • retirement villages
  • clubs\community groups
  • arts groups
  • not-for-profits
  • grower groups

Niche Solutions can give you extra time for day-to-day operations by developing and managing your additional marketing, publicity and promotional requirements.

Or work on a project basis that requires a fresh approach to a problem or demands additional resources. Niche Solutions offers practical solutions to marketing opportunities, which deliver bottom line results and growth.

Niche Solutions offers practical solutions to suit your organisation’s long and short term needs. If you prefer a down to earth approach where people talk common sense and are commercially aware then we can help.




Lynne Wilkinson is the principal of Niche Solutions. Throughout her career, working with senior management, Lynne has assisted organisations to connect with its people, places and things, developing key partnership and creating opportunities that differentiate an organisation from its competitors, build loyalty to a group and deliver bottom line results.

Niche Solutions’ team has extensive business experience as consultants and in National Marketing roles. Clients are guaranteed a disciplined approach to all elements of marketing an organisation and its services. The Niche Solutions team offers an unusal combination of skills, combining sound strategic planning with implementation plans that works.

Market Research is fundamental to sound strategic planning and market intelligence. Surveys and focus groups offer insightful information to clearly differentiate organisations from their competitors.

Brand Plans and Corporate Imagery require a disciplined approach and are a valuable asset to a business if well developed and managed.

Public Relations is a key marketing tool where budgets are limited; where liaison with the media is crucial; as it is with all levels of government; and developing key partnerships and relations with influencers and opinion leaders as a means of building reputations and loyalty.

Events support PR campaigns giving additional exposure to brands, or where key organisational objectives need to be communicated and accepted.

Organisations that have benefited from her expertise have included all levels of business and community groups; small to mediums sized businesses; property developers, sustainable and eco products and services, arts groups, statewide education organisations, professional groups, grower groups and local community groups. Several organisations with which she has worked have been acknowledged by their peers with industry awards.

We welcome your enquiry.